LyncoClinical provides a complete range of clinical research consulting services to the clinical divisions of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry.

LyncoClinical provides high quality clinical project management and educational services, ensuring the highest quality data and trial conduct that is critical for decision making, regulatory and market approval.

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Project Women's Health 09 Jul 2021

Project Women's Health

I accepted a brand new project for a Belgian biotech company in Liège. This company is dedicated to transforming Women’s

Covid-19 Clinical Trial 06 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Clinical Trial

Covid-19 study 

For the Month April, May, June,  I've been asked to assist a rapidly developing study center with the

Extension project Biotech company 21 Mar 2021

Extension project Biotech company

The project in Mechelen got extended 

My responsibilities changed from project management to contributing to SOPs, writing