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Welcome to my professional journey, a unique blend of practical experience and continuous learning. My approach has led me to develop not only a diverse range of expertise but also the skill to distill that knowledge into tailored, practical solutions.

Midwifery and Beyond

I began my career with a Bachelor's degree in Midwifery in 1994, which laid the foundation for my professional journey first as a midwife. Later, I earned a Master's degree in Medical-Social Sciences from the University of Leuven in 2001.

Entering the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the summer of 2001, my path led me to the pharmaceutical industry. I ventured into the Belgian roads as a Clinical Research Associate, overseeing 16 sites through phase 3b and phase 4 trials.



Educational Leadership

My journey took a detour when I assumed the role of Head of the Midwifery Educational Program in Limburg. I was tasked with restructuring the program to align with the Bachelor-Master framework within the European Legal framework of Bologna Decreed. Leading a team of 11 full-time employees, we achieved EU accreditation, revamped the educational content, and introduced innovative learning methodologies.

Continued Learning and Growth

While leading the Midwifery program, I pursued further education, obtaining a degree in Quality Management from the University of Leuven in 2004 and a Master-after-Master in Gender Studies from the University of Antwerp in 2006.

Global Clinical Study and Project Manager

In 2006, I returned to the industry, embarking on a role as a Global Clinical Study Manager for a German-based Pharmaceutical Company. With headquarters responsibility for an International Multicenter Phase 3 Pivotal Trial, my tasks included managing Contract Research Organizations, local study teams, and various vendors. I oversaw the organization of international investigator meetings, refresher trainings, and implemented patient recruitment and retention programs.

Venturing into Medical Devices and Biotech

My journey led me to a new avenue in Medical Devices. As a Clinical Project Leader for a Brussels-based Devices Company, I was responsible for clinical projects within product development across the EMEA region. This encompassed the entire project lifecycle, from preparation to completion, and involved scientific marketing support, including abstract writing for congresses, training materials for sales representatives, and scientific publications. In 2011 I became an independent consultant/contractor. Working for several clients worldwide.

A Commitment to Learning and Compliance

Throughout my career, I have continually updated my knowledge with training in FDA regulations, ICH guidelines, GCP/SOP compliance, project management, co-monitoring visits, budget workshops, ISO 14155 Part 1 & 2.

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