Contract and Vendor Management

Outsourcing Expertise at LyncoClinical

LyncoClinical brings a wealth of experience from diverse companies, having been involved in a broad spectrum of outsourcing activities. I am here to streamline the outsourcing process to match your unique clinical trial needs.

My Approach

Starting from your initial request for a proposal, tailored precisely to your clinical trial requirements, LyncoClinical collaborates closely with you to identify the most suitable Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) or vendors. Whether you are seeking a CRO to conduct Phase I trials in special patient populations, Phase III trials, or require a comprehensive partnership to oversee your clinical trial from concept to completion, we have you covered.

Detailed Proposal Analysis

I understand that proposals and bid grids can be intricate and comprehensive. LyncoClinical meticulously analyzes proposals, providing comprehensive summaries. We structure proposal documents for easy comparison and oversee the review process.

Efficient Bid Defense Meetings

In instances where bid defense meetings are necessary, I manage them to allow both the vendor and your company to showcase their ambition, capabilities, and approach to successfully execute your clinical trial. LyncoClinical takes responsibility for organizing and conducting bid defense meetings, including negotiations with CROs.

Contract Negotiations

When it comes to cost and contract negotiations, LyncoClinical can negotiate autonomously or in collaboration with your contracting group. With a proven track record in contract documentation, including Confidentiality Agreements, Master Service Agreements, Letters of Intent, Project Service Agreements, Investigator Trial Agreements, Consulting Agreements, and their amendments, we ensure that your legal interests are protected.

Vendor Recommendations

Based on the results of bid defense meetings or proposal negotiations, I provide recommendations for a vendor to lead your project, ensuring alignment with the project team in charge.

Change of Scope Services

As projects progress, change of scope services may arise. Similar to our approach with proposals, I thoroughly analyze these changes, take responsibility for cost negotiations, and prepare contract amendments in agreement with your legal team.

Quality Assurance

Quality is at the core of everything I do at LyncoClinical. I employ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as effective tools for managing the quality performance of your vendor. I implement SMART KPIs and host regular review meetings with your vendors.

Relationship Management

In addition to contract management, fostering constructive relationships with vendors who play pivotal roles in your project is essential for successful trial completion. LyncoClinical can act as the main point of contact for any questions or issues related to the collaboration between you as the sponsor and your vendor.

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