Women's Health 25 Jul 2023

Women's Health

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone in my journey! In July, I was appointed as the Head of Clinical Operations at a small

6 Years of Clinical Consulting 01 Feb 2016

6 Years of Clinical Consulting

01 Feb 2010, Lyncoclinical started her consulting services. After 6 years in the business some Facts and Figures: I worked with 8

Launch new website 17 Jun 2015

Launch new website

After 5 Y in business it was high time to re-fresh and update our company brand & website!  LyncoClinical has chosen to work again

European Medical Writers Association 10 Sep 2013

European Medical Writers Association

As member of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) LyncoClinical was selected to participate in this years photo contest.

Christmas at LyncoClinical 15 Dec 2011

Christmas at LyncoClinical

This year LyncoClinical's offices were decorated by the team of het Heerenhuis (Bree).  They are specialized in exclusive season &

Launch Lyncoclinical 01 Feb 2010

Launch Lyncoclinical

After several years of experience in different areas of clinical research development in several countries Lien Verheggen starts her own