Radiopharmaceuticals 14 Sep 2022


I began as a consultant for a clinical-stage biotechnology startup dedicated to improving cancer patients' lives through the development of

Project Women's Health 09 Jul 2021

Project Women's Health

I accepted a brand new project for a Belgian biotech company in Liège. This company is dedicated to transforming Women’s

Covid-19 Clinical Trial 06 Apr 2021

Covid-19 Clinical Trial

Covid-19 study  For the Month April, May, June,  I've been asked to assist a rapidly developing study center with the planning

Extension project Biotech company 21 Mar 2021

Extension project Biotech company

The project in Mechelen got extended  My responsibilities changed from project management to contributing to SOPs, writing and

Project mid-size biotech company located in Mechelen 03 Nov 2019

Project mid-size biotech company located in Mechelen

This clinical-stage biotech company focuses on the discovery and advancement of small molecule drugs with novel mechanisms of action. Their

Extension feasbility study to Germany 01 Oct 2019

Extension feasbility study to Germany

Lyncoclinical's services has just been expanded for this first in human study.  One location in Belgium was closed, yet the study was

Feasibility study 12 Sep 2019

Feasibility study

We supported the start-up and initiation of a new site in Belgium.The start-up company sponsoring this study is developing a device for

FDA advisory Panel 19 Jun 2019

FDA advisory Panel

From March 2019 until now Lyncoclinical was asked to support preparation work for a safety panel meeting called by the FDA. Such panel

From US to Japan 27 Jun 2018

From US to Japan

Sometimes your office has the best view ever...A new project on the horizon, brings us to the land of the Rising Sun.   This new

Another BIMO 14 Sep 2017

Another BIMO

Closing Summer 2017 with one more BIMO Inspection in California. Summer 2017 is a summer packed with inspection preparation and sponsor

BIMO inspection NYC 04 Aug 2017

BIMO inspection NYC

LyncoClinical provided back-office support for a BIMO inspection in NYC. The vendor inspected was contracted to perform independent

Extremely proud! FDA BIMO inspection without any finding 09 Aug 2016

Extremely proud! FDA BIMO inspection without any finding

After 3 intense weeks of inspection and 8 weeks of preparation I am extremely proud to report that a FDA BIMO inspection was successful!