BIMO inspection NYC 04 Aug 2017

BIMO inspection NYC

LyncoClinical provided back-office support for a BIMO inspection in NYC. Data from the project in scope was used in a PMA label expansion

NEW inspection training 02 Apr 2017

NEW inspection training

Lyncoclinical and Jacobs Consulting are developing a unique training concept introducing you to a BioResearch Monitoring Inspection (BIMO)

Extremely proud! FDA BIMO inspection without any finding 09 Aug 2016

Extremely proud! FDA BIMO inspection without any finding

After 3 intense weeks of inspection and 8 weeks of preparation I am extremely proud to report that a FDA BIMO inspection was successful!

Global Clinical Excellence Award 30 Sep 2015

Global Clinical Excellence Award

Together furhter, better! Once more our team won a Clinical Research Excellence Award!  Very proud to be part of this amazing

New Pre-CE Clinical Trial 10 Aug 2015

New Pre-CE Clinical Trial

On Monday 10th August an initial kick-off meeting was conducted in Hamburg.  This Israelian start-up company is developing a highly

Star of excellence award 21 May 2015

Star of excellence award

LyncoClinical received for the project contribution in the Netherlands the Star of Exellence! This Star of excellence recognizes

Extension project Netherlands 01 May 2015

Extension project Netherlands

The project, for now the largest medical devices company worldwide, was extended.   While activities the past Months focused on

Local Pharma project 18 Mar 2014

Local Pharma project

LyncoClinical was awarded for a local project, scope non-interventional study, with 22 sites located in Belgium (Flanders, Walloons and

Back to Medical Devices & the Netherlands 13 Oct 2013

Back to Medical Devices & the Netherlands

After 19 Months of primary working within outsourcing and contracts management in Germany, we will now switch back to medical devices

Manuscript writing 18 Jun 2013

Manuscript writing

Starting May 2013 LyncoClinical further takes up a medical writing assignment for a mid-size medical devices company.   Project

Extension project in Germany 02 Apr 2013

Extension project in Germany

The project LyncoClinical initiated in April last year was extended for 9 more Months to furhter support the outsourcing & contracts

LyncoClinical supports a second pre-CE clinical trial in Macedonia 20 Jun 2012

LyncoClinical supports a second pre-CE clinical trial in ...

From June 2012 to Nov 2012 LyncoClinical acts as advisor and remote support for a second clinical trial in Macedonia. Close collaboration